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How to Enjoy a Snow Holiday in the Snowy Mountains Without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking to hit the slopes this Winter, but struggling to put away enough pennies to afford it? You’re not alone. Across Australia, the cost of living crisis is making holidaymakers wary of planning a snow trip. But fear not! We are here to show you how, with a bit of savvy planning, you can enjoy an affordable snow holiday in the Snowy Mountains without sacrificing fun or comfort. It all comes down to timing, location and preparation.

Here are our top tips to help you save money and still have an unforgettable snow experience in the Snowy Mountains this Winter!

Do your research and book early

One of the best ways to save money on a snow holiday is to do your research and book early. Snowy Mountains accommodation and lift tickets are often cheaper when booked well in advance. So get busy researching options for affordable deals on accommodation and lift tickets now! 


Accommodation can be one of the most significant expenses of a snow holiday, but it doesn’t have to be. Snowy Mountains Accommodation often offer early bird specials and discounts, and if you’re organised and do your research you can also find early bird discounts on lift passes and ski hire. Additionally, booking early gives you more options to choose from, ensuring you find the best accommodation deals available. 

At Snowy Mountains Accommodation, we have a range of affordable options that won’t break the bank. Here are some top picks:

Lift passes

Strategically choosing the timing of your holiday can save you a significant amount on lift pass costs. For instance, if you plan to visit the Snowy Mountains during the July school holidays, a 7-day pass at Thredbo Resort will set you back $1,134. However, if you book your trip for September—when snow depth is typically at its peak—you’ll pay just $798 for the same pass!

Moreover, opting for mid-week single-day lift passes can be more economical than weekend passes. For an extra boost to your savings, many resorts offer even better prices if you purchase your tickets online. By doing your research and applying a bit of strategy, you can make your lift pass purchases much more affordable.

Bring your own gear

Hiring ski and snowboard equipment can be costly, so if you have your own gear, bring it along. If you don’t own equipment, consider borrowing from friends or family, or even checking out second-hand options before you go. Many local stores offer pre-season sales where you can pick up good quality gear at discounted prices.

Pack your own food

Eating out every day can quickly add up, especially in resort areas where prices tend to be higher. Save money by packing your own lunches and snacks for your day on the slopes. Many accommodations offer kitchen facilities, so food preparation is a breeze. You could even consider making a big batch of bolognese, curry or something else that you know will warm the cockles for dinners, and take it with you from home. Not only will this save you money, but it also gives you the flexibility to eat what you like, when you like.

Utilise free activities

While skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions, the Snowy Mountains offer plenty of free or low-cost activities to enjoy. Explore the scenic walking trails, have a go at snowshoeing, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views. These activities provide a great way to experience the beauty of the Snowy Mountains without spending a fortune.

Travel off-peak

If your schedule allows, consider travelling during off-peak times. Weekdays, outside of school holidays, are generally less busy and more affordable. Lift tickets and accommodation are often cheaper, and you’ll also benefit from fewer crowds on the slopes. You can also save money by planning your trip for June or September – the first and last months of the season are out of school holidays, and typically less in demand so the costs are always lower.

Carpool to the slopes

Transport can be another significant expense on a snow holiday. Save money by carpooling with friends or family. Not only will this reduce fuel costs, but it also makes for a more enjoyable and eco-friendly trip. Additionally, look for options such as shuttle services to the slopes, reducing the need for daily driving and parking fees.

Make it a shorter trip

Rather than doing an entire week and blowing a heap of dough, satisfy your snow cravings with a 2 or 3 day trip! Reduce your accommodation, lift pass, equipment hire, food and expenses by skiing for just a couple of days. You’ll still get your ski or snowboard fix, but it won’t send you broke. To help budget a shorter trip, here’s a run down on the basic costs you’ll need to account for:

  • Park entry for a day: $29 per vehicle
  • Perisher lift pass for a day: from $172 online
  • Thredbo lift pass for a day: from $175 online
  • Basic ski/snowboard, poles, boots & helmet average hire per day: approx $119
  • Basic ski clothing average hire per day: approx. $89

By following these tips and making the most of the affordable accommodation options available, you can enjoy a fantastic snow holiday in the Snowy Mountains without breaking the bank. So, pack your bags, hit the slopes, and make unforgettable memories without the financial stress!

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